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City of Pagedale is seeking bids for
trash collection.  Deadline: 5pm – 03/07/2022. For bid spec, contact City Clerk, Pam Rogers, - 314-726-1200. 




Section 4.

4.1 The Contractor shall have responsibility to collect, haul, and dispose of all household trash, bulky trash, metal appliances, and yard wastes from all one- and two-family residential structures within the City at such collection points and in such frequencies as described herein, which is hereby incorporated and made a part of these specifications.  The number of households total 1175.


4.2 Residential collection services are provided to residents at the curb.

(A) Household Trash:  The Contractor is to furnish a 95/gallon trash cart with wheels and lid attached.  One per household.  Regular trash to be picked up once a week on Monday and/or Tuesday.


(B) Bulky Trash:  The Contractor will pick up large trash items on regular trash day, limited to one item per month, to include household items such as wooden furniture and other large items routinely disposed of by a typical household, that is also acceptable by Missouri’s solid waste management laws.


(C) Metal Appliances:  The Contractor will pick up one (1) item yearly as assigned by City, metal appliances such as water heaters, refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, etc., which were used in the household that need to be disposed of.


(D) Yard Waste:  The Contractor will provide 25 pickups per year.  The dates of the pickups shall be at the choice of the City of Pagedale.  Grass trimmings and leaves placed in trash containers or in biodegradable paper bags, and brush trimmings tied into bundles not more than 48’ in length and 18’ in diameter.


(E) Recycle: The Contractor will pick up recycle weekly.


4.3 Pick-up service at City Buildings will include providing and emptying one 2-cubic yard (or larger) container at each of the following locations:  1404 Ferguson Ave. (Pagedale Support Center), 1420 Ferguson Ave. (Pagedale City Hall) and provide dumpsters for the City Public Works Facility.  Said containers shall be emptied not less than 1 time per week   Dumpsters will be picked up at public works as requested by City


4.4 Daily, prior to 3:00p.m. a responsible representative of the Contractor shall report to City Hall to receive any and all complaints regarding collection service.  Problems shall be corrected immediately or by the end of the day.


  1. The Contractor shall dispose of all solid waste only at State licensed and approved landfills or composting or recycling facilities.  Contractor shall notify the City in writing of the location(s) which will be or are utilized for disposal of all collected materials under the contract, including yard waste and recyclable items.





Section 5


  1. The Contractor shall provide trash carts for 1175 households.  The recycle trash carts should hold a minimum of 12 gallons.  The Contractor shall provide two (2) times per month curbside collection of recyclable items to all households 2 times per month on dates designated by City.  The Contractor shall promote and advertise the curbside recycling program and shall receive payment from the City of Pagedale.


5.2 The Contractor shall include with the bid a description in narrative form stating how the curbside recycling program shall be promoted and administered.  The Contractor shall specify what items shall be collected, how and where each recyclable item will be processed, what, if any profits would be returned to the City of Pagedale.  Type of container (separated or combined) for use by all households; and any other relevant information about the recycling aspect of the bid, including references from other municipalities where contractor provided/or provides recycling service.  Recycling trash carts shall be furnished for the City Hall and Public Works.




Section 6.

6.1 No collections shall be required on the following legal holidays:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


6.2 When Trash pick-up day falls on a legal Holiday, the schedule shall move to the

next regular business day.


6.3 No collections shall be made on Saturday or Sundays or prior to 6:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. Refuse Collectors shall perform their duties in a quiet, orderly, and sanitary manner.  In case of spillage by the Contractor’s employees, the refuse collector shall pick up the spillage and restore premises to a clean and sanitary condition.


6.4 All bidders shall tour the City and familiarize themselves with the work

contemplated and shall read thoroughly and understand the specifications in relation to the bid which is submitted. 


6.5 Evidence of general and vehicle liability must be provided with bid.  The

Contractor shall also name the City of Pagedale as an additional insured on all policies         


6.6 Evidence of Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage shall be provided to the limits stipulated in the contract.


6.7 A performance bond of $150,000.00 shall be payable to the City of Pagedale shall be provided for the period of this contract to guarantee the faithful performance of all conditions of the contract.


6.8 The Contractor shall have an exclusive contract for the right to collect, haul, and dispose of all residential household trash, bulky waste, yard waste, recycle and metal appliances included in the contract within the City of Pagedale. 


6.9 Compensation for collection service shall be rendered to the contractor by the

City of Pagedale by the 20th day of the month following completion of service upon receipt of invoice detailing standard contract work or incidental jobs, provided, however, that no payment will be made for vacant homes.


A. Collect yard waste 25 times per year on designated Fridays.


B. Commence collections of refuse by 6:30am and conclude by 5:00pm.


C. Ninety-five (95) gallon carts or totters are included for each resident.


D. Perform their service in a professional manner with minimum disruption to the residents.


E. Maintain liability insurance for any and all vehicles used, to cover personal injury or damages to property.  ($5,000.000.00)


F. Absorb any additional costs of disposal of refuse incurred.


G. When a holiday falls during the week, the pickup day after the holiday will be one business day later.

City Clerk 

Pamela Rogers

(314) 726-1200