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City of Pagedale is seeking bids for
trash collection.

Deadline: 5pm – 01/06/2023.


For bid spec, contact City Clerk, Lois Sampson, - 314-726-1200. 




The City requires residential curbside solid waste and recycling collection services for homes contained within its town limits. The equipment to be used, materials to be collected, service frequencies, and all other requirements are listed below. Please base your price on the house count that is currently at 1100. Including seniors’ households @ 200 and regular households 854

4.1 Residential Curbside Garbage Collection: The vendor will be required to provide a cart of not less than sixty-five (65) gallons for each occupied home to be serviced on a weekly basis.


4.2 Cart Contents: Only bagged Municipal Solid Waste as is defined by the State of Missouri may be placed in the container for collection.


4.2.1 Cart Placement: Containers must be placed at the curb no later than 7:00 AM on the morning of collection and should be placed as close to the curb as is safely possible without interfering with the flow of traffic.


4.2.2 Bulk/Yard Waste: The vendor shall collect and dispose of bulky waste such as items of furniture, couches, and mattresses and shall be collected according to the same collection schedule as other solid waste on a once-a-month basis. Two-item limit at no charge, customer must call in to schedule bulk collections. Additional items can be collected for an additional cost to the resident. Bulk waste does not include appliances. Those can be disposed of by contacting the Contractor to schedule and receive a pricing quote for. Vendor shall also collect “bagged” yard trimmings including grass clippings, but this shall exclude limbs generated by commercial gardeners, tree companies, and the like. Limbs are to be fully secured in bundles and not exceed fifty (50) pounds in total weight. Not to exceed 12 bags/bundles per pick up. Yard Waste is only serviced from March through December, annually; on an every-other-week basis.


4.3 Curbside Recycling: The vendor shall provide a curbside recycling program for residential customers with allowable commodities being picked up in containers provided to the customers through the vendor. The company shall provide curbside collection of recyclable materials from each residential unit once per week in conjunction with the collection of household waste. It shall be single stream and include, at a minimum, newsprint, aluminum, plastic, tin, and cardboard.


4.4 Disposal Requirements: All waste collected from the town shall be delivered to a solid waste facility that has been permitted in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and state regulations for the disposal of solid waste.


4.5 Collection Vehicles: Vendor is to furnish the necessary vehicles for the collection of solid waste. The vehicles must not leak and must be provided with tops or coverings to guard against spillage, and shall conceal said contents from view; said vehicles are to be kept covered or closed at all times except when being loaded or unloaded.


4.6 Customer Service Standards: All complaints received by the vendor or the City before 1:00 PM shall be resolved by 6:00 PM on the day the complaint was received. All complaints received after 1:00 PM shall be resolved by noon the next day. The vendor shall maintain a daily log of all complaints received and time that complaint was resolved. The vendor shall provide a monthly report to the City, which will include copies of the daily reports for the prior month.


4.7 Customer Service Center: The vendor will operate and maintain a Customer Service Center with the following minimum standards:


4.7.1 Open between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, during such time calls must be answered by a Customer Service Representative.


4.7.2 During all other times, calls to the Customer Service Center will be received by an answering service or machine.


4.7.3 The vendor should implement procedures approved by the City whereby complaints can be received via fax, e-mail and website.


4.8 Collection Routes and Discounts: The vendor shall further establish routes for the collection of solid waste. The vendor’s collection schedule and collection routes shall be filed with the City. Vendor shall offer reduced rate(s) for residents older than 65 years of age, veterans and the disabled.


4.9 Collection Route Schedule: The vendor shall establish with the City a schedule addressing the days of the week each collection shall be executed. This schedule will not vary, or change without the written permission of the city, except in situations as allowed in other passages of these specifications (for example, holiday schedule, etc.). No collection shall be made before 7:00 AM or after 7:00 PM, except by express authorization of the City. No collections shall be made from any types of premises on Sundays. Saturdays will only be allowed for missed pickups and holiday weeks as described above.


4.10 Personnel: All personnel associated with the delivery of service shall be hired, trained, and receive on-going safety training through an organized human resource management process that includes, but is not limited to, background checks, driving record reviews, and a committed drug-free workplace program. The Sanitation Services Company shall ensure the following, regarding personnel: • Must be in a company uniform (shirt, at least), to be defined by the vendor in the bid submittal, and must be recognizable as representative of the vendor’s company. The uniform must be maintained, clean, and in good repair. • Personnel must maintain a clean appearance. • The vendor must maintain a courteous demeanor when dealing with the residents and businesses of the City. • At no time will the vendor or its personnel search through the garbage that is collected in the City.


4.13 Cleanliness: In the collection of solid waste, the vendor and its employees shall not place the same upon or suffer the same to be placed, or scattered upon any public place, or private street, alley, or drive, and agrees to replace any receptacle, can or lid damaged by it or its employees and upon collection leave the premises in a neat and clean condition. The vendor will not be allowed to transfer solid waste from truck to truck in residential areas except where small pick-up trucks utilized in certain areas of the City and need to dispose their loads into a larger vehicle. In addition, the vendor will not be allowed to store containers of any kind in common areas or in the City right-of-way. If an unsightly or unsanitary condition results from an action of the vendor, the vendor shall respond within four (4) hours of receipt to the satisfaction of the City.


4.14 City Owned Facilities: The vendor will be required to provide solid waste collection services to all City owned facilities and designated special events at no additional cost to the City. Said trash containers will be emptied once per week, or as requested by the City. Any new facilities constructed or purchased during the duration of the contract shall be provided the same service at a mutually agreeable price. Additional locations may be added as needed by the City.


4.15 Communications and Reporting: Vendor shall provide an internet/e-mail based system for the communication of all service requests from the City’s customer service representatives to the vendor. All requests shall be tracked, recorded, and reported monthly showing the date, type, and resolution of each request. 


4.16 Volume Report: Prior to the fifteenth of the following month, the Vendor shall complete the trash and recycling monthly volume report. In addition, the Vendor shall make recommendations as to how they can increase the tonnage of recyclable material.


4.17 Publicity: The Solid Waste Collection Vendor shall provide information promoting recycling and reduction of solid waste and adequate publicity to all residential dwelling units within the City as to the change-over of collection service prior to the initiation of said service. This publicity shall include at least one mailing to each residential dwelling unit within the corporate limits of the City indicating the date of change-over, the day of collection for the three types of collections, what items are collected and how they are to be stored, and the telephone number, e-mail address and web site of the Vendor’s office where questions or complaints can be handled. Such publicity shall be approved by the City Clerk prior to distribution publication. The Vendor must distribute annually to the customers information promoting recycling and source reduction. This publication must be approved by the City.


4.18 Billing & Payments: Vendor shall be responsible for billing each resident. The Vendor will invoice residents on a quarterly basis. Vendor shall notify the City if resident(s) are not participating in the City’s Solid Waste Collection program.


4.19 Dispute Resolution: Any dispute between Owner/Resident and Vendor, if possible, should be resolved between the two parties without resorting to litigation. In the event that the two parties cannot resolve the conflict, all dispute resolution actions must be pursued within the boundaries of the City.

City Clerk 

Lois Sampson

(314) 726-1200

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